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European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in the island of La Gomera

The Fortaleza Health Center and Fitness Studio is one of the 30 companies accredited with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism Garajonay National Park, La Gomera. The Association for Rural Development Insular de La Gomera (AIDER La Gomera) together with the National Park promote since 2005 the implementation of the Charter in La Gomera.

All companies belonging to the CETS of La Gomera collaborate actively with the National Park Garajonay and are committed to promoting sustainable tourism on the island.

Useful facts

Garajonay National Park

Discover the spell of a Tertiary forest, conserved among water and mist. The park has a wide infrastructure of facilities and services, which include a Visitor Centre, an Information Centre, a wide network of viewpoints, recreational areas and a network of well marked trails, which allow a better understanding to enjoy a truly natural gem of nature.

Official Website: Garajonay National Park


La Gomera

Find out all you need to know to travel to La Gomera. In addition to Garajonay National Park, representing 33.3% of the total area of the island, La Gomera has 16 protected natural areas.

Official Website Turism in La Gomera


Valle Gran Rey

Set in a large ravine that comes from Arure, it was the former capital of the municipality. Valle Gran Rey has become the main tourist area in the island of La Gomera.

Official Website Turism in Valle Gran Rey


Gomera Experience

This website helps visitors to discover the authentic La Gomera, with help from their places of lodging, restaurants and activities recommended by Garajonay National Park.

Website: GomeraExperience.com


Gastronomy: "Alimentos de La Gomera"

While having similar characteristics to the rest of the archipelago, the gastronomy of La Gomera has certain peculiarities that are worth knowing and, above all, tasting.

Official Website: Alimentos de La Gomera


Public transport in La Gomera: GuaguaGomera

The company Guaguagomera is responsible for regular road service to passengers. There are a total of seven lines connecting various villages of the island.

Official Website: Guaguagomera.com


European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas is a practical management tool for ensuring that tourism contributes to a balanced economic, social and environmental development of protected areas in Europe.

Website: European Charter for Sustainable Tourism